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The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations

How to Migrate From Jira Server to Data Center or Cloud

Taking the Cloud Journey with Atlassian

With Atlassian’s recent announcement of changes to their server and Data Center offerings, we wanted to provide a resource that identifies potential roadblocks, offers in-depth consideration points, communicates best practices, and shares tips and tricks for a successful migration.


This Ultimate Guide is All You Need

The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations is written by an Atlassian expert and community leader, Rachel Wright. Packed with best practices, planning worksheets, and insight from every perspective possible, this guide will help you understand the migration process so you can properly prepare, execute, and test it.

This comprehensive guide will help you understand Jira deployment type differences, so you can evaluate which is best for your organization. With this in-depth guide, you can expect to find chapters to help you determine:

  • Migration options
  • How to obtain buy-in from leadership
  • How to plan and track a migration project
  • App suggestions to help with the heavy lifting
  • Post-migration actions to keep a thriving application

Adopting the Cloud
Journey Together

As a Jira admin, one of the hardest things you will do is complete a migration. Which is why we don’t want you to do it alone. Whether it’s from server to cloud, or from one instance to another – it’s important to have the right plan in place as well as understand potential problems that may arise.

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