Jira Migration Result

Jira Migration Quick Recommendations

Data CenterIt’s easy to add Jira to existing servers and infrastructure.
Data CenterManage costs by hosting all applications with the same infrastructure.
Data CenterA Systems Administrator and Database Administrator are needed to set up and maintain the application.
CloudUse the free plan for 10 or less users. See the feature comparison at: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/pricing.
Data CenterUser accounts and groups only exist in the Jira application. Credentials are Jira-specific. Only recommended for less than 50 users.
Cloud or Data CenterDiscounts exist for qualifying charitable organizations.
Cloud Premium or Data CenterLimit by IP address with Cloud Premium. Limit by IP address or firewall with Data Center.
DependsCompliance or regulatory needs may dictate where and how data is accessed or stored. See Atlassian’s programs at: https://www.atlassian.com/trust/compliance and https://www.atlassian.com/trust/privacy.
Data CenterUpgrade manually to manage change, downtime, and user training.
Data CenterBackup application files, database records, and the attachments directory on a custom schedule. Retain backups according to your data retention policy.
Data CenterYour Systems Administrator handles everything.
DependsApps, integrations, and connections have varying compatibility. Check requirements for each in individual documentation and the Atlassian Marketplace at: marketplace.atlassian.com.

Hopefully this quiz has given you some insight into which Jira hosting platform is best for your organization. But making the move to Cloud or Data Center can be daunting. To help you migrate with confidence, we’ve sent a copy of our new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Jira Migrations, along with your quiz responses to your email. If you’re interested in talking with one of our team members to help you prepare for a seamless migration, please book some time with us.


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