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Configuration Manager for Jira
“Excellent support! When we had really serious issue with Jira after applying some workflow changes on production, folks from Configuration Manager analyzed logs and provided solution in less than one hour. It was really awesome. I wish to have such good Atlassian support like in case CM!”

Michal Gawlik
Motorola Solutions


Configuration Manager for Jira
“Configuration Manager for Jira is one of the few Jira addons that is actually (and I know this doesn’t makes sense) better than Jira  itself. Running an enterprise instance of Jira w/o this addon is just plain crazy. You might as well ride a motorcycle without a helmet or drive a 70’s Ford Pinto.
The UI is great, the enhanced integrity checking is super useful… I just love and need this addon.”

Michael March
Isos Technology

Cycle Control
“As a PMO Director for mid to large companies I’ve struggled for many years to balance the need for Agility and enterprise governance. Cycle Control is the first tool that I’ve come across that allows not only to build and visualize Release calendar but also light weight SDLC with gates, milestones and checklists! The calendar feature with metrics is superb and provides one stop shop for all the work in IT at a glance.”

Marina Kernes
PMO Director, Entertainment Partners


Issue Matrix
“Excellent plugin that works exactly as stated. Within minutes you can easily customize the list of corresponding issues on an issues view screen. The issues can be related via links, sub-tasks or even be derived from JQL queries. This solves a number of use cases where you want to display related issues all one screen categorized. Botron was also extremely responsive to support requests.”

Marc Ray